Fun Family Activities to do in Quarantine

Since the pandemic, our children are stuck inside and can’t do normal things kids do, like play sports or be with their friends. It’s very hard for everyone including us as parents because we are running out of ideas to keep them entertained. 

Here we have some fun activities you can do during quarantine: 

  1. Watch a happy movie 
  2. Bake cookies or brownies 
  3. Play board games like Scrabble and Pictionary
  4. Use video chat with other family members 
  5. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  6. Take a virtual field trip to regional and international zoos, museums and aquariums
  7. Grow plants together 

To enhance these ideas, you can remodel a space in your home to do it in a more entertaining way. This is the perfect time to retake that remodeling project you are putting off for a long time and bring it on. 

Make it Happen!